...writer, wood-burner, and witch.

Hydra M. Star

Hydra M. Star was originally one half of a set of twin fetuses conceived during the holiday season of 1977, but ate her twin prior to birth. Almost from birth—like most children—she had an intense interest in all things mysterious and magical. As she aged, her taste matured and darkened from Disney-esque styled fairy stories of childhood to Erotic Horror today. Evidence of this personal evolution and the perverting of childhood things can most readily be seen in her Little Red Riding Hood inspired novella, Candy, Blood, and Sex as well as her contribution to the 2016 anthology series Fucked Up Fair Tales.

In addition to writing, Hydra is also the publisher of Infernal Ink Magazine and the owner of Infernal Ink Books, both of which she uses as a platform to bring the most twisted and sexually depraved horror and dark fiction she can find to the world.

Hydra can be contacted directly via email at hydra@hydramstar.com, as well as found through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads. Her written works may be purchased through Amazon, LuluBooks-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble.