...the happy Satanic house cat.

Hydra M. Star

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At about one week old, Cyrus the Orange was abandoned by his mother inside the wall, and beneath the tub, of Hydra M. Star's bathroom. About three days later--she estimates--she and her daughter, Lilith, confirmed that the "squeaking" noises they had heard off and on for the previous few days were indeed coming from inside the wall. The wall was opened up and out came a tiny, hungry ball of orange fur.

The next few weeks were filled with lots more crying, 3 am feedings, butt wiping, and eye drops. One of Cyrus' eyes had become infected while he was inside the wall. Later it would be discovered that his other eye has a deformed pupil and he came very close to being completely blind and/or having seriously impaired vision.

Originally, he was to be named Siren, in honor of the very loud cries he issued in protest of being left inside a wall (as he got more hungry his cries became louder, until they could be heard all over the house), but when it was discovered he was a boy the name was changed to Cyrus. He is also known as Piddle, for reasons he'd rather not get into.

Today, Cyrus is a happy and very spoiled fully-grown house cat.

He is also, thanks to his appearance in The Satanic Cats Blog, something of an minor internet celebrity. The photo above of him, taken on November 3rd 2014, when he was just shy of eight months old, has been turned into a somewhat popular meme, resulting in Hydra being alerted at least two or three times a month that his photo has been spotted somewhere new on social media by friends and family.