Infernal Ink Books is an indie book publisher with a focus on Erotic Horror and related erotic genres. All of our books are released through Kindle and Nook with print options available for those readers who demand print.

The Authors

...blasphemy, gore, and sex.

Joshua Laing

Joshua Laing hails from down under, on the South Coast of Australia, and only recently emerged onto the horror publishing scene. He is already making a name for himself with appearances in Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 2 & 3, Infernal Ink Magazine, and Baum Ass Stories 3. The bulk of his inspiration is drawn from ’80s slasher films, but he also has a deep love for underground Death Metal, dark comics, and body art. All of these loves influence and deepen the impact of his work, giving it a nostalgic, ‘throwback’ feel while it still remains modern and fresh enough to hit all our sweet spots.

Hydra M. Star

Grigori T. Cross

Grigori T. Cross was born just outside San Francisco, California to an English teacher and an electronics engineer a few years before personal computers were a common feature of everyday life. A sunny childhood disposition complemented his imaginative sensibilities, and it was no time at all before he began exploring various avenues for self-expression. He was writing poetry, experimenting with watercolor, and being trained to play the cello before age 10. As he matured, his interests took a turn for the existential and macabre, culminating in a degree in philosophy from U.C. Berkeley and making his debut as an author in the 2017 edition of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror anthology. He continues his quest for creative fulfillment from his residence just outside San Diego, California.

Robert J. Leuthold

Robert J. Leuthold was born on November 3rd of 1977, a few months ahead of schedule and with cerebral palsy. As if to set a precedent, his birth was far from normal. After defying medical odds and living through the night despite being a traumatic, premature birth, he also became one of the first mainstreamed children in his area. His childhood was as normal as someone in his unique physical situation could expect. Though she denies it, Robert’s mother influenced his passion for horror and the darker side of life via exposure to Stephen King and classic horror movies, which remain a staple in his creative diet to this day – along with various extreme genres of music. His first long-term writing stint was for Hydra M. Star’s Infernal Ink Magazine, which in turn led to being featured in The Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror, curated by Jennifer L. Miller, for the years 2015 and 2016.